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File types

There are many many different file types, and many of these file types themselves enclose different components or inclusions which could themselves be separate files and file types. The problem is even more complex than that though, because there are many versions of many individual file types, there are several different common varieties of .dxf for example.

One of the issues that you can get is even if Person B (in one building using one software package), imports a file that was sent to them by Person A  (in a different building using a different software package) exported or saved as a file format that Person B should be able to open, it is entirely possible that Person B can open it, but will not realise that some parts of the original design are missing.

It is for this reason that we have the three checklist items in blue text at the top of the How To Order page.

So if it is vector art, please try and send it to us as a .dxf or .ai

If it is raster art, please try to send it to us as a .jpg or .bmp or .tiff

If it is one file that contains both, such as a pdf or .docx, please send the embedded components separately as well.
If you send a design as a PDF then please embed the fonts so we know what they are.

Please try and be aware we do / measure everything in millimeters. 25.4 mm to the inch.

The chances are that we can read or import or translate just about any file format you send us, but please bear in mind that this is not necessarily the same as getting a 100% perfect, complete and accurate import, hence the 3 points on the How To Order page, that is our way of checking that the import is 100% perfect, complete and accurate.

We will never, ever, ever object is a customer decides to take a belt and braces approach, saves the file the created in illustrator as an .ai format, then does a File > Export > Export as DXF and checks the "outline text" and chooses "Autocad 2010/2011/2012", then sends us a picture or pdf of how it is supposed to look, and sends us a text file explaining everything with all the dimensions.

One the contrary, they'll go to the head of the queue as they have made our job easy.