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In every instance without exception we prefer e-mail as an initial method of contact.

You can get us at

HOTMAIL doesn't work, nor does YAHOO or any of the other spam / phish friendly email domains, for every potential genuine contact that we may get from any of these domains, we get 99 spams, so they are blocked at the server. GMAIL is fine, UK ISP domains like BT are fine, and proper domain names are fine. By blocked we mean we will not even know you attempted to email us.

The reasons are simple, laser engraving and laser cutting is a precise, technical operation, and absolutely nothing beats written communication for that.

With e-mail there is no confusion between hearing "seventeen" and "seventy", no doubt the client wanted "ever" spelt "evah" or "Laurence" and not "Lawrence", and it also eliminates issues where the client did indeed want "laurence" and not "Laurence"...

In addition you know within moments if an email got there, and of course you can ask for a read reciept so you know it has been seen, plus none of the mobile phone apps come anywhere near an email when it comes to various types of attachments and so on, but being honest with you all, the killer reason for us preferring email is not that it just works, but that it makes life so much easier for us... in a small business it is important to consolidate all your data, and not have some of it on this app on this device, and some on this app on that device, and some on the office PC


You can get us at

Please note, we do not accept calls from unknown / witheld numbers.
Please note that there are no full time secretarial staff whose only job is to answer the phone, so it is possible that your call will go unanswered as the staff are busy operating the laser, it is for this reason that the mobile number is listed, as it is more likely to be answered immediately than the land line, and also why as stated above we prefer initial contact via e-mail in every instance.


From 25th January 2018 we are technically*** at our new premises.

*** Please note that although we have the keys and technically are in, in practical terms we have about a months worth of work to do before you can rely on the days and times specified below for opening hours, so please call before turning up...

Opening hours will be;

  • Monday to Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 16:00 p.m. No lunch break.
  • Closed Saturday and Sunday.
  • Everything except the stated opening hours strictly by appointment only.

Due to issues with safety, security and client data confidentiality and insurance, we regret that the workshop area is not open to the public.... there is however a public reception / office area and separate pedestrian door entrance.

Street address; (from 01-02-2018 only, NOT before) Please note that Cofton Road has a #10, which is not us, we are Unit 10, which is not the same thing as number 10, and yes, it can be confusing....

  • Unit 10, GD Units, Cofton Road, Marsh Barton, Exeter, Devon. EX2 8QW.
  • Google maps link
  • Aerial view (pic)

Exeter Laser is based in the City of Exeter in the County of Devon (UK) which is Junctions 29 and 30 of the M5, and the Ide / first exit of the A30 southbound, which is itself J31 M5.

Exeter Laser serve the counties of Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset in a direct, person to person fashion.

We have a regular weekly collection and delivery run down the A30 from Exeter to all points west in our own vehicle

If you live outside this local region, eg the rest of the UK or mainland Europe, then supply is by mail order / courier only.... see below...

For regular / small / lighter consignments

For regular small parcel sized stuff we use the Post Office and ship via regular parcel post or Recorded Delivery / Special Delivery parcels. *YOUR* local postman knows *your* address / street / locale better than any courier delivery driver, and we simply do not get any non delivery issues with the Post Office.

Bear in mind, some materials like acrylic can be quite heavy, 24 mm thick acrylic weighs 5.8 lbs per square foot, or over 28 Kg per square metre. See below...

For larger / heavier / bulkier consignments

For courier work we prefer to ship it via Parcelforce, if it a longer / larger / bulky item, as these often work out cheaper than UKMail and the insurance offered and care taken by the courier is better, in our opinion.

For high value / urgent / delicate items.

For high value items, for urgent items, and for delicate items we do offer a personal door to door service with our own staff and vehicle.

As an alternative we can also offer a specialist urgent courier delivery service, it's basically a driver and Transit Connect style / size mini van, with only your item being carried, this is also door to door. put in Exeter as one point and your address as the other, which will give you the journey time, add an hour or so for a courier to get here. So Exeter to Manchester allow just over 5 hours, traffic allowing.