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Edge Lit Acrylic Signs

Exeter Laser Edge Lit Acrylic Sign User Guide - a 450 kb PDF document, has some useful info about acrylic in general, not just edge lit signage.        

This page deals with mains powered Edge Lit Acrylic Signs of all types, for battery powered 100% portable Edge Lit Acrylic Signs please see the menu link of the left or click here.


Edge Lit Acrylic Signs come in two basic forms, free standing on a flat surface, and hanging.

For free standing on a flat surface type signs, Exeter Laser do the ELASB-50 base unit, into which you can simply slot any 500 mm wide acrylic sign.

The ELASB-50 is £25 for the cutting and approx £10 for the material. RGB LED kit available from Maplins / Amazon etc for approx £25.

Our standard 500 x 210 mm sign (illustrated right, but NOT illuminated in this shot) costs £50 for the engraving and cutting and £12 for the 10 mm acrylic material.

Our large 500 x 470 mm sign costs £80 for the engraving and cutting and £25 for the 10 mm acrylic material. office sign

On either size sign there is no limit to the amount or design of engraving that you can have, if you want text just send us the text you want (not forgetting the name of the font you are using, or include the font too) or a reasonable resolution monochrome image, and we will do the rest.

Here at Exeter Laser we think we do the absolute best edge lit acrylic signs you can get anywhere, at any price, because as standard we use a 2 x 1 mm ripple effect on the cut edges of the signs which really brings out the edge (we can do ordinary straight cut if you like too) and because we use a nice deep engraving on the reverse side, which goes approx 0.3 mm deep into the acrylic. It's done on the reverse side, and mirrored as it is engraved, so that when it is the "right" way round it presents a perfectly smooth and polished face.

Acrylic signs can be turned around from order to ready for packing and shipping in 24 / 48 hours, depending on stock levels, at weekends it may take a little longer as our local acrylic stockist is only open Monday - Friday, but generally speaking there should be enough 10 mm stock in. 

Acrylic signs are extremely low power consumption, typically you are looking at less than 3 watts at the mains plug, and of course being illuminated by LED's they essentially run completely cold, nor is there any spark / ignition risk, from the wall wart / plug adapter on down it is all low voltage DC and solid state electronics. They are also non-toxic and (to the best of my knowledge) odour and allergy free

Maintenance is simple, just wipe them down with a soft cloth and some glass / window cleaner. Avoid using scouring pads and agents as these can scratch the acrylic, but even if this happens, it's not actually a problem, just get a soft cloth and moisten it with some Brasso and you can polish any and all scratches out and return it to a perfect optically clear state. Don't worry about polishing out the engraving itself, at 0.3 mm deep it would take a lot more than just brasso and elbow grease.

The cool cuts sign here is shown with the RGB LED edge lighting tape just loosely aligned to the sign to demo the finished effect, this panel was double sided so it featured a core of solid black 3 mm acrylic, two composite faces cut from 3 mm black acrylic and 3 mm silver grey acrylic, these three layers were then bonded together to make a single layer, and two outer sheets of 10 mm clear acrylic which was both raster and vector engraved, to give a complete sign that was a nominal 30 mm thick.

Holes were pre cut with the laser at the same time to take 4 mm stainless marine grade socket head srcews to clamp the two outer clear sheets to the core, an interesting technical point here is if the fasteners are done up too tight you start to get an effect that looks like water crept in around the fasteners.. this sign was for exterior use so of course it was up to the installer to make the frame to carry the sign and do the rest of the installation.


RBG LED Sign remote controller demo from Exeter Laser on Vimeo.

This is a quick and dirty demo of the RGB LED controller.

It's not helped by the fact that I was attempting to operate it upside down from where I was, and kept getting it wrong.

It should also be said that despite this being 1080p, the camera just does not capture the colour depth or anything else very well at all... I suspect this is because the camera was set to auto focus / exposure / colour profile etc... a setting that works really well when filming the laser cutting so the arc lamp bright cutting / focus point doesn't flare out the rest of the frame.


and another one..

Small demo piece 125 mm wide x 77 mm high.
Ambient daylight lighting.
Small parallax effect because of camera height and small size of the piece, which was just done as a demo / proof of concept.

As usual the camera simply does not do this stuff justice, in reality to the naked eye it is about ten times as impressive and awesome.. >;*)

Not only do Exeter Laser do the *best* edge lit acrylic signs, we believe that we are the *only* people anywhere who can do this stuff.

Like all great things, it's not a proprietary technique, but it is a *lot* harder than it looks and making it look this good and easy is the result of hundreds of hours of practice and scrap.

Please watch the whole video, you can see the various lighting effects even with our cheap RGB controllers, plug this into a multi channel sound to light sequencer and it will be even more awesome.