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Display stands

Exeter Laser Display stands are unlike any other.

Designed by an engineer, they are extraordinarily strong  as well as being practical and elegant.

The basic "standard" stand is made from 5 mm acrylic, so it is available in a large variety of colours and shades.

It stands 110 mm tall, the base is 160 mm in diameter and the top is 210 mm in diameter.

In the gallery you can see one of these with a 10 Kg weight on it, (I have stood on one, taking all my weight...) no creaks, no groans, no twisting, no wobble.

At just under 10 minutes machine time they are £10 each plus materials (approx £5 per unit for materials depending on what sort of acrylic you go for) and come out of the laser flat packed and ready to assemble.

If you prefer we can assemble them as well for an additional £5 per unit.

Obviously if you order more than one, depending on how many you order, you get some economies on the material costs and machine time, which could cut these costs by up to 25% each.

Engraved branding of your logo / business name is available on the legs for £2 (all three legs) or £5 on the base or top, please specify which when ordering.

Other sizes, designs, and custom designs also available to order.





TLT display stand load test from Exeter Laser on Vimeo.

TLT Display Stand load test.

Base diameter 160 mm
Top diameter 210 mm
Overall height 110 mm
Material 5 mm clear acrylic.

Load test up to 65 Kilogrammes, no tricks, no fancy camera angles, no multiple takes, no unmarked weights, what you see is what you get.

TLT acrylic display stands are all designed in house by an Engineer, they don't just look good, they perform well.

TLT acrylic display stands are a proprietary / copyright design, nobody else can supply them, and nobody else will subject their display stands to these sorts of loads and tests.

Available exclusively from at £25 each.