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Gaskets - laser cut

Please read

Exeter Laser can cut any gasket you like (non metal) in sizes up to 1300 x 900 mm.

Gaskets can be cut in all thicknesses of gasket paper and also in cork, as well as synthetic / pre-lubricated gasket materials.

BSA cylinder base gasket template / shim in plain paper on the right.

Typically we would prefer the gasket design file in DXF file format with the gasket showing at the correct scale and calibrated in millimeters, it doesn't matter if the actual original dimensions, such as the template shown for the BSA, were in imperial / inches, just save the file as millimeters and the software will do the conversion.

If you don't have a DXF file, just an old gasket that needs replacing, you can put it on a flatbed scanner and scan it in, if necessary if it is large in several pieces, just join them up in one image and after cleaning up the image and reducing it to two colours (eg everything black is gasket, everything white isn't) just import the image to the open source / free Inkscape package, or CAD software of your choice, trace the bitmap to a vector file, double check you have all the scales / sizes / dimensions set correctly, and export / save as a DXF format file.
(Please do not ask us to do this.)

If you are going to supply the gasket material (and we are more than happy for you to do so) please make absolutely certain that it gets to us FLAT, not creased, folded, rolled up so tightly it retains a curve, or anything else... it must be FLAT.

Laser cutting of gaskets is both fast and accurate, the BSA cylinder base test/shim gasket shown took less than a minute to make, every dimension is perfect with a repeatable accuracy of the order of 0.05 mm / 2 thou, and a cut / kerf of approx 0.1 mm, and once we have the DXF file we can make 1 or 100 and they will all be dimensionally identical.

Kellogg's Gaskets from Exeter Laser on Vimeo.

Please see the original description file for this video here. There are several important facts mentioned in the full description, such as the fact that this was JUST a test job for a customer from a .dxf file they had created from the old gaskets, and they wanted to check dimensional accuracy and fit before proceeding with a proper job run and cutting the full set (not just the three shown here) from Novus 30.

Please see the point above about non-metal gaskets only, so the Exeter Laser gasket cutting service is unlikely to be of use to anyone wanting cylinder head or exhaust gaskets, unless of course you intend to make your own, and want the patterns to cut accurate originals out of copper for the outer layers and gasket material for the sandwich inner layers.

The Exeter Laser standard "machine time" charge is £50 an hour, obviously the BSA gasket took less than a minute, so for "quickies" we charge £1 a minute, but there is a minimum charge of £10, so the thing to do would be, for example in the case of the BSA gasket, get 10 or 12 cut, use one, keep two for spares, and sell the others on at your owners' club. Or combine several different gaskets, as long as they are all in the same material and can be cut from the same piece in "one shot", in your DXF file, and have them all cut in one go.

Edit - Feb 2016

It seems that the south-west is determined to indulge in an ongoing self destructive process to make itself as irrelevant and useless as possible, it is now no longer possible to walk into ***ANY*** motor factors in Exeter and walk out again with gasket material, of any kind...  the younger ones (employees) tell me it is "progress", the older ones just shake their heads, nobody is actually DOING anything about it.... the "helpful" ones ask me if I have tried Amazon.

As stated in many places elsewhere on this website, Exeter Laser was founded to specialize in Laser Engraving and Laser Cutting, nothing else, so we do not want to end up holding a large stock of various materials on the off chance that a customer is going to call that week, on the other hand, neither do we want to lose a sale because everything is suddenly "unobtanium".

To this end we have sourced a local supplier of gasket material, Ram Gaskets of Redruth, they also have an e-bay store. What this means for you, the end user, is this;

  1. We are no longer able to simply go in to Exeter and buy gasket material for same day use.
  2. You can purchase direct from Ram for shipping to us, or we can purchase on your behalf, this is likely to add at least 48 hours to the job, possibly even 3 or 4 days if it is a weekend, before we even get the materials to start the job.
  3. We will no longer be giving advice on the specific gasket material for your application, instead, you tell us what you want, eg Novus 30 etc

Please note we still will not cut metal cored or metal faced gasket material.

Update 2 - for fibre exhaust gasket (the new replacement for the old asbestos ones) we can get supplies from AK Rubber in Bishops Stortford, sheets are 1200 x 1000 mm and the 1.6 mm thick is £442 exc each and the 3 mm thick sheet is £960 exc each, this material is rated up to 900 degrees C *continuous*