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Laser engraved photos

Essentially after a lot of feedback from potential customers, we have realised that at least as far as laser engraving photos is concerned, asking customers to supply us with laser ready images is, in 99% of cases, going to be a complete non starter, no sale, and no customer satisfaction.

To this end, for laser engraving photos on the material of your choice, we will do the image processing to make it laser ready. For a fixed flat fee per photo.

The image on the right is a link to the full size version, it is approximately A4 landscape size, took 32 minutes to do (excluding cutting it out from 16 mm birch board) and as a result (see prices page) would cost £32 ex VAT.
If you are interested there is a video of this piece being engraved here.

Processing photos to get them laser ready we will do for you at a charge of £20 ex VAT per photo.

The photo you supply MUST be at least 2,000 pixels a side in size, and it MUST be a "good" clear picture / photo, as discussed elsewhere on this site, it is largely an exercise in futility to start out with a small size OR poor quality photo, and try and make it laser ready.

Although we appreciate that in some cases, as we found ourselves recently in the case of a deceased relative, you simply cannot go back and take another better quality picture of the same subject, and so if you find yourself in this boat with an old photo that simply cannot be re-created, we have decided to make the laser ready processing a "no win, no fee" arrangement, which means if we think that no matter what we do the end result is going to be lower quality and unsuitable for lasering, we wil not charge you for the "failed" processing.... this ONLY applies to old photos, not low quality ones you took yesterday with your phone camera.

If you are scanning old print photographs on a flatbed scanner, a scanning resolution of 300 dpi should be sufficient.

If you want to resize a photo in software yourself, always always use resample, and not just resize.