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Harley saddlebags

For the purposes of clarity, the basic design you see here is the Exeter Laser Harley Softail Saddlebag v1.00

There is a video over on the Vimeo channel of it being cut from 5 mm thick Bridle Butts, which is the *best* part of the hide, as supplied by J & FJ Baker & Co, who are both local to us, and the UK's only remaining traditional oak bark tannery. If that goes over your head a little bit, the bottom line is it produces the finest, least adulterated, highest quality leather you can get... each piece of leather is tanned for 12 months... these people supply the finest (Horse) saddlemakers and (Human) shoemakers in the country with leather.

This is far from being cheap leather, but the best never is, and after walking into a local HD dealer very very recently and "her indoors" points at a couple of saddlebags and asks "how much?" to be told £880 quid the pair....and frankly they are rubbish, made out of what is in my own personal opinion a vastly inferior piece of leather

There was only one option, design and make my own...

The images on this page are links to full size versions, and show the actual piece of leather being cut in the video, after it has been laced up and fitted to the bike.

So, when it comes to size I can give you the cut dimensions and all that, and indeed I do further down, but basically the design was sized to take two one gallon / five litre plastic cans of oil or other liquids, snugly, and close neatly... in my decades of riding experience, a saddle bag that just holds two gallon cans snugly is the perfect size, all round.

The design is very retro / old school, it's basically just laced together, this is a lot stronger than stitching, looks good, and you can always replace the lacing. The entire bag itself is made and assembled from one single piece of leather large enough for the 750 x 840 mm design layout.

The design is for a permanently fitted to the bike bag, sure, you can take it on and off, but it uses the two bolts that hold the rear fender rail to the fender (you will have to source / supply the slightly longer bolts, and a metal strip  / stiffener for inside the bag which clamps the bag to the rear fender rail.. or we can supply that too if you like for £25 extra) and so it is a permanent fitting and not a throw over type or clip on and off type.

This was another reason for choosing the absolute finest leather, it can stay out on the bike in all weather for 20+ years... no worries.

While the bag is not waterproof, the lid / flap design prevents that, it is sealed well enough that nothing larger than a 1 mm diameter ball bearing will fall out, while allowing water to drain out.

Due to the design, contruction, mounting and materials, this bag is very, very very strong, you could easily throw a few sealed lead acid HD batteries in here, or a set of tools, or a couple of cylinder heads... this is old school heavy duty working kit.

The tie downs for the lid / flap are also laced rather than using buckles or anything else, and the lid / flap itself is also the same width as the bag itself, not wider / overlapping.

Inside the bag there are 2 x 20 mm holes placed on centres 160 mm apart, which is perfect for *most* HD rear fender rails, but please check yours before ordering, we can easily move them to suit your rails if different.

You *do* require a saddlebag frame accessory from HD to keep the bag from contacting the rear wheel... but you need this for any soft or throw over bag.

The basic bag dimensions are 350 mm wide / long in the fore and aft direction, 230 mm high / deep in the up and down direction, and 140 mm thick in the left and right direction.

illustrated is the bag for the RIGHT side of the bike, the left side bag is a mirror image, if you are just doing one as I have here, I personally prefer it to be on the opposite side of the jiffy stand... either way please be specific which side you want when ordering if you are only ordering one and not a pair.

This then is what comprises the Exeter Laser Harley Softail Saddlebag v1.00

I am being specific here, because all other versions and variations such as belt buckle type fastening instead of lace tie downs, wider lid / flap, different dimesnsions, and so on,  are possible, but then it will no longer be this exact design.

As it says on the vimeo video page.

Cost is £300 for the basic bag as it comes out of the laser, all cut and ready to be laced.

If you want us to lace it for you the cost is £350 per bag.

If you want a logo or design engraving the cost is an extra £25 per bag.

This is per bag prices, a pair are obviously double the cost.

It's worth stating again that a *huge* proportion of that £300 per bag cost is the raw leather itself, this is the finest leather that money can buy