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Billing / Payments VAT

This page is just here to clarify some items, for the avoidance of doubt.


Exeter Laser will use terms like (inc) and (exc) to denote whether a figure is inclusive of exclusive of VAT in correspondence with you, the "Machine time" prices quoted elsewhere on this website are (exc) for example.


Updated - June 2017

Much as it pains me, greatly, outside forces and influences mean that we have had to accept reality and move everything over to Quickbooks, so now all invoicing and payments and so on will be Quickbook based, however, we will *NOT* be using paypal, ever. Payment methods will still be the same as listed below in the next category with the red text header.

Invoices will always be created and issued by the Quickbooks software, and will always contain the bank details below, our VAT and company numbers, our website address and so on.




We bank with Santander;

Payments will always be by electronic bank transfer to the bank account details as listed above... or
payments made by cash money on collection.

For the avoidance of doubt and confusion, please note that BACS is *not* e-banking, a BACS payment might leave your account instantly, and then take up to three days to arrive in our account as a credit. E-banking is pretty much instant, certainly 5 minutes at most.

Most on-line banking interfaces clearly identify BACS as BACS, while e-banking usually just says something like "pay a person or a bill/company"

STRICTLY no exceptions whatsoever (such as cheques for example) unless by prior arrangement.

Payments will be considered to have been made when they show up in full as a credit in our account. Not before.

Payments by plastic (credit / debit) cards are not available, please see this blog post for an explanation as to why.


This stuff is not really billing or payments or VAT centric, but it is close and related enough that it is often dealt with in the same breath, or just implied and not even spoken, so as it says at the top, these points are made for clarification and the avoidance of doubt.

  • We will not normally issue any hard copy paper invoices / quotes / receipts, we will only issue hard copy on request.
  • Machine time only billing (customer supplied materials) may be paid with order, on completion, or on collection.
  • Materials and machine time billing may be paid with order only.
  • Shipping costs where applicable will be billed together with machine time and will be paid in full prior to shipping.
  • We do not offer any kind of credit facility, terms, 30 day billing, etc, purely "cash on the nail".
  • We consider payment on delivery to be a form of credit, so we do not offer this facility.
  • Quotes are valid for 7 days, unless otherwise stated in writing in the quote.
  • Estimates are not Quotations, for any given job an estimate *may* come out lower than an actual quotation.
  • Exeter Laser will not ever authorize anyone else to collect payment on our behalf, if your invoice does not contain all the details in red at the bottom of the page below, and include payment details to the bank and account above, it is not an invoice direct from us. This may be significant from a contract law point of view, our legal contract is with the person who pays us, if a reseller is involved they should really just invoice you direct, as our contract will be with them, and not with you.
  • Exeter laser are not resellers of anyone else's products or services, with the exception of raw materials bought in, 100% of our work is done in house by us. If anyone claims that any part of any Exeter Laser produced work was in fact done by them, they are lying, plain and simple.
  • By contracting with Exeter Laser, you explicitly indemnify us from all potential claims against you or us for copyright infringement, passing off, or other legal remedies taken by a third party. Some times it is dead easy, Jane's Upholstery (a made up name) down the road is extremely unlikely to have a valid license to use the Coca-Cola font or name in a design, whereas an order from a design house might well have, and we are a Laser cutting and engraving company, not copyright lawyers, so we are putting the responsibility firmly upon you, the customer, to ensure that you have the right to use the design in question.
  • Exeter Laser reserves the right, without reservation or explanation, to refuse any contract, at the quotation / estimate stage.
  • Exeter Laser considers any variations in a design, or a quantity, or a material, after the quotation / estimate stage to be sufficient reason to no longer be bound by said quote or estimate.. some variations may be so trivial that we will say that's OK, no change, carry on, others while appearing to be very trivial may have major impacts on billable machine time.
  • Exeter Laser will refuse any and all refunds once work has been completed, for reasons such as the customer realizing that for example the spelling they supplied was in error *Jim's Place" instead of "Jim's Plaice" for a chip shop, or because they no longer need the item, or because they specified the wrong size, or because they specified the wrong material, or because they simply do not like the end result.
  • Exeter Laser will be held immune from any legal ramifications as to legality or fitness for use, for example we have customers who ask us to engrave old style white on black "number plate style" signs for custom motorcycles for a photo shoot, it's a number plate style sign, not a legal number plate, it is not a number plate that is road legal for use, it is not that vehicle's legal registration, it's just a sign, if you use it in a fraudulent or illegal manner, you hold us immune from your own wrongdoing.
  • Finally, should Exeter Laser be legally liable in any way for any losses incurred by a customer, our damages are limited to the amount of the invoice in question as a maximum.

Exeter Laser Ltd - Company number 987 3198 - VAT reg 737 3763 08