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Battery / Portable

This page is a subset of the main Edge Lit Acrylic Sign (ELAS) page that deals specifically with the portable / battery powered range of ELAS's developed, manufactured and made exclusively by Exeter Laser.

The image on the right is the final production prototype, taken in a window in summer in indirect very bright summer sun, with the RGB LED set to white.

Video at the bottom of the page.

There are a few minor internal differences between the sign shown in this picture and the sign you will get, but these minor differences are only for ease of assembly. One major external difference is the sign you will get will have the layers lined up accurately, this final production prototype was assembled without the alignment mechanism being used to check tolerances, did the sign itself still fit, did the battery caddies still fit, that sort of thing.

These are now available to order...


The complete sign including base, sign itself complete with any design you lke, and remote controller is £125 ex VAT and shipping.

If you want us to ship we will use Post Office Special Delivery, and packing and shipping is £25 exc

£125 for the sign plus £25 for the packing and shipping is £150 and the VAT on £150 is £30 so the all in price including VAT and shipping is £180.

Extra sign panels are £25 exc each, packing and PO Special Delivery is £10 exc so £35 exc VAT is £42 including VAT and shipping.

The sign itself.

The sign itself has an engraveable area measuring 300 mm wide by 170 mm high, although the whole sign (we are talking about the clear 10 mm acrylic sign itself here, not the base) is approximately 300 x 200 mm or approximately A4 landscape size, and of course made from 10 mm thick cast acrylic, the lowest 25 mm slots into the base and becomes hidden.

You can have anything you like engraved onto the sign, no limits, no per letter pricing, no per graphic pricing, it is a flat rate for everyone, and you get one sign included as standard, and extra ones are available for £25 exc each, and the extra ones can have any design you like too, it does not have to be a duplicate, so you could at the most basic level have "Open" on one and "Closed" on the other.

The base measures (overall) 405 x 110 x 43 mm.
The total weight of the sign plus base with batteries etc is 2,420 grams or 2.4 Kg, of which approximately 700 grams is the sign.

The design and construction make this an *extremely* stable and pleasing sign, and of course there are no wires, no mess, no clutter and no fuss.

"Installation" will comprise of unwrapping the product, installing the batteries in the base unit, popping the clear acrylic sign into the slot in the base unit, picking up the remote control, pointing it at the base unit, and selecting the settings you want.

Remote Controls.Remote Controll app on phone

The signs always come with a remote control (battery included) that provides full functionality out of the box.

However particularly with a portable battery powered device it is entirely conceivable that the sign and base is carried but the remote control is forgotten at home, or that the remote control is otherwise lost, and so an alternative is needed.

Exeter Laser thoroughly recommends the app RGB IR Remote by newdroid from the Google Play Store, it's £2.03 and you get presented with an interface that is identical to the remote controls themselves, and functionality that is also identical. This app is so good that we not only use it ourselves, we use it in preference to the actual physical remote control.

The photo on the right is a photo of the actual app on my phone.


Batteries are 1.5 VDC AA size, you can use any make you like from cheap supermarket ones up to big brand names like Duracell or even rechargeables, they must be AA size and 1.5 volts each, those are the only requirements.

The base takes 8 of these AA batteries and uses them in series to produce the 12 VDC that the sign operates on.

Changing Batteries.

To access the battery compartment to change the batteries simply remove the four 5 mm stainless steel socket screws that do double duty as the feet of the sign base, and the lowest layer of the sign base will come away, revealing the battery compartment. We do provide a free hex key with every sign but to be honest we suspect most users will just use their fingers, and hand tight is good enough to keep everything secure.

The batteries sit in two caddies each of which hold four AA cells, and each caddy connects to the base by a pop on and pop off connector on the end of the caddy. This connector cannot be connected the wrong way around, and the batteries themselves can't easily be put into the caddies in reverse polarity, the springs go to the -ve side of each battery as normal.

Changing signs.

Changing signs takes about ten seconds, no need to turn anything off or change anything, just grasp one sign and lift it out and grasp the other sign and place it in the slot, there is a video that shows how easy and quick it is to install a sign here -


The absolute maximum drain you can put on the batteries is to run the sign on white light constantly on and maximum brightness, which illuminates every single LED in the base strip at maximum intensity, in extensive testing with cheap and cheerful (£13 for 40 x AA & 20 x AAA) Maplin alkaline batteries we averaged between 36 and 40 hours of run time before the LED started to show some dimming. They continued to run for a further 36 hours getting slowly dimmer over time.

In our tests running a single colour (Red, Green or Blue) at maximum brightness and always on we averaged between 108 and 112 hours before seeing dimming.


From a safety / electric shock / electrocution point of view, you could sit in the bath or stand in the shower with one of these Exeter Laser battery powered ELAS bases in one hand while you played with the remote controller with the other hand. It only contains 12 volts DC so there is zero electrical risk.

(Obviously the water will damage the electronics and eventually render the sign non functional)


If you are interested in some of the back story regarding the development of these units, you can look at the following blog posts;

If you are interested in seeing videos of the signs (including prototypes) working you can look at the following videos on Vimeo;


Battery powered edge lit acrylic from Exeter Laser on Vimeo.
Shaky because it was taken on a phone held loosely in my hand, conditions were indirect bright summer sun.
Only noticed at upload you can see the lead for the wifi AP off to the side, the sign is 100% battery powered and self contained with no leads.