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About Us

This has been re-done for 2016 because much of what was here before, while still true, is more history now than current.

We are first are foremost engineers and enthusiasts, we believe *totally* in the present and future of laser cutting and engraving, but not just as a resource for the commercial customer ordering 7,500 copies of part number abc123, eg the "Fire Exit" sign, or the freebie corporate acrylic key-ring promo item, or the mirror engraved with the logo from the current block-buster film.

We believe there is a need for people who want much smaller runs, from one item up to hundreds, for example the electrician or engineer whose work is every bit as good as the large companies', except for the instrument panels and labeling and marking, eg the finishing touches.

The small but efficient and competent computer company, who have no choice but to supply their customers with generic things like wall cabinets, because there is only bland colours or branded stuff saying Dell or HP etc, who can now have the glass doors on said cabinets (and almost anything else you can think of) laser engraved with their own corporate branding and identity and contact details.

The talented local tradesman, working with woods or cloths or other materials, who would love to use more intricate designs or shapes, but cannot, because they simply do not have access to the tooling necessary, and they cannot justify the tooling cost for one off jobs.

The person who wants to buy a gift, or an object, or a memento, that is uniquely personal to them, and examples of this include a slate house name or number sign that also has a drawing or sketch or photo of the actual house, or a mirror engraved with a photo or their own business logo, or even a granite gravestone, either for a human being or a pet, engraved with a photo as well as the written details.

The person who wants to start out, or is starting out, in their own small business, jewellery making, wedding / event planning, baking, leather-working, designing clothes, interior design, furniture or even industrial design and production, now you have access to the very latest technology and techniques, even for very very short runs, and at a cost that will amaze you.

In short, the only thing that limits you now is your own imagination, whether it is one item or one thousand, bring that idea to us and we will turn it into reality, on almost any material that you can imagine, on any single object up to 240 mm high, 900 mm deep, and 1,300 mm wide, if you can imagine it, we can make it real for you.

We like vector work supplied as a DXF file, with dimensions set in millimeters, and we like raster work supplied as BMP, TIFF, RAW or JPEG, with an indication of the desired final sizes and dimensions.

We are based in Exeter in the County of Devon, in between Junction 30 of the M5 motorway and the Ide / Exeter turn off of the A30, which is off M5 J31. Turnaround time can be as little as 24/48 hours.