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This page is just a selected list of Exeter Laser videos from our Vimeo Channel.

These video links are placed here because the Exeter Laser Vimeo channel itself has grown to the point where navigation and finding specific videos is becoming an issue. Not all the videos on the channel are linked to here, just a representative sample.

100% of Exeter Laser videos are made in house by Exeter Laser and feature us cutting and engraving on our lasers.

All of these links should pop up new windows.

  1. - The video is actually titled "Nylon" but in fact the material being cut is polyester cloth.
  2. - 5 mm clear acrylic cutting small details. This is a piece of engineering design for a client.
  3. - Silk taffeta cuts, some beautiful silk taffeta being cut for a National Trust job.
  4. - Lots of vector engraving and then cutting to make a quilting ruler from 3 mm acrylic.
  5. - Laser marking a copper name plate
  6. - More metal marking, this time a kitchen knife, showing the entire process... this knife is in daily use and the marking is as fresh as the day it was done.
  7. - Cutting some wooden gears from 6 mm plywood.
  8. - Another Hurtle skateboard deck being engraved.
  9. - Nesting software saves time and lots of material... lots and lots of material.
  10. - Cutting Halloween masks from polyester material.
  11. - Wooden sign being laser engraved the right way. We always use this method.
  12. - Cutting and engraving a "one piece" saddlebag from 4 mm primo bridle butts in a "one shot" process.
  13. - Load testing the display stands, a simple and elegant display / cake stand made from 5 mm acrylic that can carry 65 Kilogrammes... yes that's right, 65,000 grammes. For the imperials amongst you that is over 140 lbs or 10 stone.
  14. - RGB LED egde lit acrylic sign, demonstrating the remote controller unit.
  15. - Raster engraving a dog image on to black marble.
  16. - Raster engraving and then cutting some 10 mm cast acrylic for an edge lit acrylic sign.
  17. - Another skate board deck for Hurtle
  18. - Cutting a doll's house from 5.5 mm hardwood plywood.
  19. - Making wooden rulers.
  20. - Just for fun, a laser vs various foods.
  21. -  Fairly large cherry wood sign, Eat, Drink and Be Merry.
  22. - Vector engraving acrylic.
  23. - Cutting a Teflon gasket.
  24. - Cutting gears from 3 mm acrylic
  25. - Photo engraving some wood - James Dean
  26. - Impossibly complex pattern cutting in 240 gsm card
  27. - Cutting 25 mm clear acrylic.