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SS / Inox Business Cards

Might be worth reading this blog post first - ---> link <---

Stainless Steel (Inox) Business Cards.

These are standard business card size of 85 x 55 mm with a 2 mm radius at all 4 corners, and are cut from 0.5 mm thick (500 micron) bare polished 304 grade stainless steel.

The (entirely untouched, as taken by the camera) image on the right shows one of these as they come in to us, if you look closely at the right hand side of the full size image you can see a tiny piece that needs to be deburred, (which was created when the laser which cut the piece started the initial hole)

I recommend that you do actually look at the full size image as you will then see clearly that it is a polished finish (as opposed to brushed or hammered etc) but it falls a long way short of the sort of mirror polishing you might expect with a piece of jewellery.

This then is what we here at EL will refer to as an "Original blank" as in this is how it looks when it comes in to us.

Original Blank + fibre laser engraving (Text or Design or Full House, and 1 side or 2 side) on machine "Gordon" = Stainless Steel Business Card.

We are doing these in the following quantities; 5, 50, 100, 500, 1000.

We will have three basic styles, (please see the other images below for a guide)

  • Text
  • Design
  • Full House

...where Text is exactly what is says, "outline" only not marked or annealed, the basic text business card,
Design is like Text but includes things like logos and *one* annealed QR barcode and it is "marked" not outline or annealed, and
Full House which is anything you want, including photos, or even a small amount of engraving.
1 side and 2 side means exactly what is says, just the front or both sides of the card.

"Outline" means the font outline is engraved, it is fast, simple, elegant and economical.
"Marked" means fonts and shapes are filled with a light coloured mark.
"Annealed" means fonts and shapes are filled with a dark coloured mark.

Qty Text 1 side Text 2 side Design 1 side Design 2 side Full House 1 side Full House 2 side
5 £10 £15 £17.50 £30 £25.00 £47.50
50 £75 £125 £175 £300 £250 £475
100 £150 £250 £350 £600 £500 £950
500 £750 £1250 £1,750 £3,000 £2,500 £4,750
1000 £1,500 £2,500 £3,500 £6,000 £5,000 £9,500

We do not charge extra for things like sequential numbering, or anything else that can be imported from a spreadsheet or csv file, it's included, we do not charge extra for 500 micron thick stainless steel, it's standard, basically the price you see is the price you pay, all you have to add is VAT and carriage. The prices above include the cost of the stainless steel blanks.

Compared to an online print service where you submit your own design and get back 500 paper business cards, it is expensive, at the time of writing this (late Aug 2017) Vistaprint will do 100 cards for £31.99 so "Text 1 side" is almost 7 times the price per card, but Vistaprint is 360 gsm card, ours are 0.5 mm thick stainless steel...

Our cards are all either annealed or marked or vector engraved with the laser, which means you either have to use an abrasive grinder to remove material, or heat them up to yellow hot, to damage or obliterate any of the text or design, and while you can bend them by hand, it's not easy, and you certainly cannot tear them.

You can get water or diesel or petrol or oil or just about anything else, except a strong acid, and submerge our cards in that liquid for 24 hours, and they will come out as good as they went in.

Best of all, NOBODY you hand one to will just throw it away a few days later when they clean their wallet out.... our cards are a keeper.

In fact, Vistaprint and the like are the problem, anyone can get business cards knocked up for 32 pence each, but they do not say anything about the person handing you the card... or what they think of you as a potential customer.

Hand someone a beautiful solid 0.5 mm thick stainless steel business card that only cost you £1.50 each (for a "Text 1 side") and you are both saying something about yourself, and how much you value the person you are handing it to.

From £1.50 each for a "Text 1 side" to £9.50 each for a "Full House 2 side" (in quantities of 100) our stainless steel business cards are probably one of the cheapest ways possible to make a lasting impression and make that deal...

The very first time you hand one out to a customer / client / contact and they say "Oh, wow...!" and start playing with it, you'll know it was the right choice.

The photo's below are of the Exeter Laser stainless steel business card, it is made from *exactly* the same "Original Blanks" as yours, and produced on exactly the same machine (Gordon) in exactly the same way that yours will be. To be specific they are Full House 2 sided cards.

The marking is dark / black annealed throughout, which is one of the slower processes hence the extra cost.

This image below is a sample Full House style card - from £5 each for single sided.

The photos below are of an Original Blank and Design 1 sided card.

The marking is light throughout, this is a much faster process than annealing and makes a sharp clean look, the effect is a lot like brushed metals but on a much much much finer scale... the diamond backgroud effect is just two hatch lines 3 mm apart and at the right angles, 60 and 300 degrees in this case, and the text is a quick light marking multi pass like a very light engraving effect, the photo was shot with a smartphone on a cloudy day.... obviously all the details on the card are made up and false.... there will be a video of this particular card being made on the Exeter Laser Vimeo channel later today, links on the home page and the left menu bar.

This image below is a sample Design style card - from £3.50 each for single sided.

The photos below are of an Original Blank and Text 1 sides card.
NB the QR code won't work on a scanner. Only a dark annealed mark produces enough contrast.

This is by far the fastest of all to do as we are only tracing the outlines of fonts or logos, it's not as clear as either the light marked one or the dark annealed one, but it is still perfectly legible to the human eye and the mark itself is pretty indelible being in effect a vector engraved outline.

Whereas the previous two versions might be more suitable for small orders of prestige business cards, this is a very fast and very economical method, costing as little as £1.50 exc each, so really we are venturing into the territory of asset tags and identification plates here, but they are included here as they are based on the standard 85 x 55 x 0.5 mm 304 inox blanks.

Nota bene, you could order 1,000 of these and have each one uniquely numbered etc, if you provide a spreadsheet or csv file etc that we can import the data from.

This image below is a sample Text style card - from £1.50 each for single sided.

The above images are just quickies taken with a mobile phone camera for illustrative purposes.