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How to order

This page could also be called "What Exeter Laser want / need from you..."

  1. We need your design files, ideally .dxf format if they are vector drawings, ideally .bmp format if they are images, if you have another format don't worry, we can work with it, this is just what we prefer and what makes life easiest for us, and that makes things cheap and fast for you.
  2. We need something that shows us what your design files are supposed to look like, like a PDF or picture, this is a way of double checking that nothing is lost in translation or importing or exporting or converting from one file type to another, eg .ai to .plt
  3. We need a text description, naming each design file, giving the expected size of the object in mm, and the material type and thickness in mm

If you want multiples of a single object, you do not have to nest them all in one file, simply tell us how many of each item you want

Some things that we often do, but which are not our job really, they are yours, include giving your design a quick once over.... take the letter "O", to cut that out the laser makes two circular passes, and what is left is the main piece of material, and inisde that the letter "O" and inside that a roundish piece that is the middle of the letter "O"... So if we cut the word "LASER" out of a piece of material we will indeed get all the letters that you can see in blue text in the first image here, which is great, if you are going to use those letters to make a sign.

It is not so great if the bit you want to keep is the material that the letters were cut out from, in that instance you would see what you see here in the second image... of course this does not just apply to letters, it applies to ALL shapes that are nested within one another, and you would not believe how often we get design files with mistakes like that in, and we have to ask, is it a mistake or deliberate, because we don't know, only the designer does.

Other things to avoid when cutting are any features that are smaller than half the thickness of the material being cut, so if you are cutting 10 mm acrylic you should do your best to avoid any design features that are smaller than 5 mm being cut out.

Other things to consider are strength, this is a link to an image in the gallery cut from 6 mm oak faced plywood, it looks beautiful, but before cutting I could have stood on that plywood all day long and it would barely creak, once cut like that it is approaching "fragile" status compared to the strength it had originally.

Once you have all that together you can contact us and send all that info mentioned above as an email, and hopefully there is sufficient details there that we can put your designs into the laser software and run a simulation to get a job time and therefore job cost for you.

Please do not forget to include things like your address with postcode if we are shipping to you, and if you have a deadline let us know as soon as possible, overnight shipping of large or weighty items can have a significant cost, and we like to be able to give you an actual price the job will cost you and not have blanks for shipping.

Please take the time to read the Billing / Payments & VAT page of the website, there is a lot of information there that you *need* to be aware of, as we will assume that you *are* aware of it... particularly the points made in the payments sub-heading.

If you have queries about any aspects of this that are not covered here please feel free to contact us and ask.

If you have questions about things like samples, please read this.