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In addition to the Laser Cutting and Laser Engraving services, Exeter Laser also maintains a small but growing range of in house products designed and manufactured here at Exeter Laser and available for purchase from the shop, which is located here.
NB this is a link to Taz's Laser Trading, which is the trading name of the shop, which is run by my partner.

Update for 2016.

Exeter Laser was not started in order to make or manufacture any particular products for sale, rather, it was started to provide a laser engraving and laser cutting service to those who wanted such a thing.

As a result this Products section has always been a bit of a poor relation to the main Laser Engraving and Laser Cutting activities.

Signage, whether edge lit acrylic, coloured acrylic or solid wood or slate etc, has been the exception. There has always been a strong demand for signage here at Exeter Laser, and if anything it is growing over time, we have recently done a set of signs for a local school (visitors / parking / reception etc), we have recently done a set of signs / seat numbers for a local cinema / theatre, and we have recently done some edge lit acrylics for a retail outlet (pharmacy etc)

Taz's Laser Trading (TLT) has been discovering / learning the same lessons that we learned here at Exeter laser over the past year, regarding business plans and projections, as the Americans say, "That and a buck, will buy you a coffee" (the coffee being one dollar) so while EL could stay focused on what we do, laser engraving and laser cutting services, TLT could focus on laser cut and engraved products, and what sells is not necessarily what you thought would sell...

For 2016 you can expect to see a shift in TLT to offering more signage, house names, house numbers, pretty much anything you want.

TLT will be able to take full advantage of our experience in signage, for example we pride ourselves in doing some of the best edge lit acrylic signage you can get anywhere, and as you can see from the Club Tropicana image above, our wooden and other signage isn't too shabby either, which means that here at EL we are not in any danger of losing our focus on providing laser engraving and laser cutting services, and geting swamped with products such as edge lit acrylic signage.

So for 2016 you can expect to see a gradual shift in this area, where EL is still doing all the actual laser engraving and laser cutting to make the signage, but TLT will be taking some of the workload off, at least as far as marketing and sales of signage to private and individual customers.

You can still contact EL for all your signage requirements if you prefer, nobody is going to be forced to migrate to TLT, it is more the case that that particular side of the business is growing, and it makes sense to make plans now to prevent that growth from impacting on our day to day operations providing laser engraving and cutting services.

We do also have longer range plans, to purchase more laser equipment and offer more laser engraving and cutting services than we do at present, so with luck somewhat later in the year we will have some news about that, and other developments.

In the interim please do not hesitate to contact us for all your signage needs and enquiries.